The Technological Organism

Imagine a school of fish or a flock of birds. Notice how they seem to move in a fluid motion almost in unison? How is it that when one fish moves in one direction to avoid a predator or obstacle, the others seem to follow? Each individual animal is after their own preservation - so when one spots a predator or obstacle it moves out of the way, that results in a subtle cue to the rest of the group to do the same. A single action triggered by one animal can result in a large change that benefits the entire group. The flock becomes an organism.

This is crude comparison is essentially the Internet of things. As Wikipedia so effortlessly puts it,

“…the inclusion of electronics and software in any device not usually considered computerized in nature, to enable it to achieve greater value and service by giving it an ability to network and communicate with other devices.”

CISCO CEO John Chambers proclaims that IOT is the 'second generation of the Internet'. It’s your smartphone that triggers your garage door opener that triggers you thermostat that triggers your light bulbs to all become automated as you pull your car into your driveway.

At DRVEN, we see the future of the connected car much like a school of fish. We can see the behavior present today with lane assist, collision avoidance, rear facing cameras … and the list goes on. The car is being designed to act like an organism with self-preservation in mind. The focus on entertainment apps and services such as music streaming will give way to apps and services designed for a smarter and safer driving experience.