The Autoshow and the Apple Car

The Canadian International Autoshow is winding up its annual mid-winter run this weekend. Its a great time in the automotive industry for innovation. Consumers on the market for a new vehicle have many more options beyond the regular choices of: ‘make, model, colour’ available to them. Alternate fuel vehicles, zero-emissions, plug-in electrics, hybrids, and course - connected vehicles. While the DRVEN team was at the show this week, we came to realize that everyone has a slightly different understanding of what constitutes a connected-car. Connected cars represent a fundamental change in how we interact with our vehicle. What is clear, is that there is a pent-up demand for better integration between the vehicle’s internal platform and external connected systems, and better interaction and interface with the driver.

This leads me to Apple, and the speculation that they are moving beyond tethered CarPlay integration and actually working on a connected car.

I can’t promise that Apple will make a car, but I do have some observations.

Its a certainty that any future Apple car will be a connected car.

Apple excels at seamlessly integrating hardware and software as a whole. As a company, their vertical integration allows them to do this better than almost anyone on the planet and its how they fundamentally have approached their business for over 30 years.

If Apple were to do a car, I would be surprised if it did not also follow this model - Owing the entire build process from end-to-end, hardware and software.

Fluid integration between the hardware, the software, and the driver (user) driver. The Apple car would benefit from that smooth, connected, baseline integration, and draw users even closer to Apple’s robust App Store and other products.

At DRVEN, we are focused on connecting and providing drivers with valueable, connected, easy-to-use services for the over 300 million vehicles in North America with onboard telematics systems built since 1996. We don’t believe that the benefits of the connected car have to wait until your next car, or the Apple car.