A first step.

Welcome to the DRVEN blog.

We started DRVEN with the vision of bridging the gap between the promise of the connected car, the auto manufactures’ default offerings, and the broken and undifferentiated experience of most app and diagnostics port-based solutions.

For too long, drivers have been disconnected from the wealth of diagnostic information available to them on their vehicle and to how their driving behaviour affection their fuel consumption and the environment. In the past, driver’s did what they always did because beyond what they could see on the dash, there was very limited insight as to what their vehicle was actually doing.

It comes down to knowledge and belief.

We believe that our platform will generate significant value for consumers through operational cost and time savings for their vehicle, and through a greater awareness of the environment. Learning the precise environmental impacts of your transportation choices, and how you might lessen them has the potential to be transformational.

In short: We believe we can do a lot better.

The truth is - it is difficult to actually do better. Designing new products and services is hard, but the rewards and learnings are great.

We are taking advantage of some of the coolest new developments in Bluetooth Low Energy, Vehicle Telematics, APIs, and location.

We’ve gathered the best folks we can find - An international team of advisors, partners, and developers to bring DRVEN to life. We are also partnering with the best in the business to drive DRVEN's connected automotive services.

We are gracious of the support we’ve received from from MaRS, our partner CARSTAR, and from our friends and families.

Over the next few months we will be busy building and prototyping our vision. We’ll also be sure to let folks know when we are sending out beta invites. Stay tuned.

We are DRVEN.